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1st Floor Ministry of Education and Training Building, Mbabane

Educational Management Information Systems (EMIS) Unit


·     The EMIS is currently finalizing AEC 2019 data, whereas the 2018 information is still in absolute figures while the rates will be available once the Central Statistical Office (CSO) finalize and disseminate the household and population projections.


·     The unit also assisted the Early Childhood Care and Development Education (ECCDE) in the evaluation of the piloted grade zero programme in 80 public schools.


·     The EMIS is currently assisting the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) in implementing Electronic File and Records Management System, for maintaining up-to-date records of teachers and effectively manages the administration of TSC.


·      In the process of applying for Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to review the Education Sector plan /TEP Application, and the revival of Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) for  Local Education Group (LEG) Members to planning and budget